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Wholesale Paintings

We offer all paintings reproductions for our customers with wholesale prices, anyway for some big wholesaler, we still can  give the lowest prices in the industry with high quality paintings, the prices rule as follow:

A. Over 200 pieces order, the discount will up to 10% off .
B. Over 1000 pieces order , the discount will up to 30% off.
C. Under 200 pieces order, just same prices with our website quote.

Pls check  Price List for the detail.

At,  we have worked with many different individuals and companies around the world to create masterpieces for a variety of uses. These include:

We’ve worked with many art retailers to produce and sell paintings for their stores. This gives us an opportunity to show off our work in person – where it’s always more effective. And it gives you a consistent source of affordable, exceptional art.

We’ve worked with many distributors around the world who purchase a variety of styles of art. We can provide the masterpieces you’re looking for in bulk and at very competitive prices.

How would you like a consistent flow of work? We’re always looking for new framing partners for our U.S. business. Instead of shipping a painting directly to a customer, we could send the canvas to you. Then you’d stretch and frame the art and the customer can pick it up from your location.

Nothing adds more to an interior space than a dramatic piece of art. Our artists can reproduce priceless masterpieces for you and your customers. Imagine being able to give all of your customers one-of-a-kind original oil paintings without sacrificing their budgets.

As a gallery, your focus is on selling original pieces, but you may also sell limited edition prints of better-known works. Our paintings give you a chance to do one better. We can put a continuous stream of hand-painted reproductions of legendary, timeless paintings on the walls of your gallery.

You sell directly to people who appreciate great art and we can help you make that process easy, affordable and fast. We can offer you a source of masterpieces that will satisfy just about anyone on any budget.

We can turn your photos into original pieces of hand-painted art that your customers will definitely appreciate. Imagine being able to tell a bride and groom that they can own more than a photo of their wedding – they can own an original piece of art.

Imagine how much credibility, realism and drama the right painting can add to a scene. We can work with you to recreate pieces of art for your production at prices that can fit any budget and any timeline.

You’ll give your patrons something amazing to look at when you put a ,painting on the wall. We can reproduce a famous work or create something new that will add a real touch of class and sophistication to your decor.