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Art History: Fauvism: (1898 - 1908)

Coming from the French word fauve, meaning "wild animals," Fauvism rejected traditional painting and sculpture ideals and emphasized modern concepts, notably machines and motion. Inspired by the late impressionist works of Paul Gauguin and Vincent Van Gogh who pushed the boundaries with their bold color choices, the movement took this idea a step further to include simplified design. The first Fauvist exhibition occurred in 1905.

Pointillism and Post-impressionist inspired the development of the Fauvist movement. More specifically, Fauvist’s work was derived from primitive and tribal art; also Paul Gauguin’s color choice and style. Although the movement was short-lived, it had a profound influence on the development of the Expressionists. The name Fauvism was taken from the French word the "fauves," meaning the wild beasts. This title was appropriate because of their use of uncontrolled, abrasive, and intense colors. The Fauves held their most significant exhibition at the Paris Salon d’Autumne in 1905, paving the way for Modernist movements.

The primary focus of the Fauvist movement is non-naturalistic and vibrant color. In addition to Gauguin’s influence, Vincent Van Gogh’s palette was inspirational to the Fauves. Their aim was to express emotion through color choice. Fauvism died out after 1908, when the group went separate ways, many turning to


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