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Art History: Flemish School: (1600 - 1800)

The Flemish style of art began in the 15th century and was inspired by the manuscript illumination and art of the Burgundian court.

The first center of Flemish art was Bruges, recieving this reputation with the help of Hubert and Jan van Eyck in the 15th century. Paintings of this time were excuted in a realist style and often contained depictions of elaborate materials and fabrics and religious symbols.

In the 16th century, Italian influences appeared and the center of artistic production moved to Antwerp. While some artists embraced the Italain style, others ignored the fashions and retained their indivdual style. The 17th century was marked by the influence of Peter Paul Rubens, the foremost Flemish artist. After the 17th century, Flemish art declined with the emergence of the French Rococo style.

Known for inventing oil painting, other characteristics of Flemish art included attention to detail, bright colors, and superior technique. It mainly dealt with religious subjects and was often set in contemporary landscapes, townscapes, and interiors. Other Flemish characteristcs included idealism and exploration of perspective.

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Alsloot, Denys van - 1570 - 1628
Balen, Hendrick van - 1575 - 1632
Berghe, Christoffel van den - 1617 - 1642
Bouts, Dieric - 1415 - 1475
Bouts the Elder, Dieric - 1415 - 1475
Brueghel, Pieter - 1520 - 1569
Jordaens, Jacob - 1593 - 1678
Memling, Hans - 1433 - 1494
Rubens, Peter Paul - 1577 - 1640
Van Dyck, Sir Anthony - 1599 - 1641
Weyden, van der - 1399 - 1464


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