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Art History: Fluxus: (1962 - 1975)

Literally meaning "a flow," the Fluxus movement advocated a shift from aesthetics to ethics in artistic values. Originating in Germany, it eventually spread to Holland, England, France, Sweden and the United States. Editor of numerous Fluxus publications, George Maciunas named the movement and founded it in 1962. The "Fluxus International Festspiele" exhibition was held at Wiesbaden in September of that same year.

The movement held a similar attitude to that of Dadaism, promoting artistic exploration and socio-political activism. Unification of the groupís members came in their appreciation of spontaneity and humor. They ignored art theories and aesthetic objectives, often creating mixed-media works from an array of found materials. Fluxus art often manifested itself into performance art pieces, called "Aktions" or "Happenings" in America. Fluxus artists shifted the importance from what an artist creates to the artistís actions, opinions, and emotions.

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