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Art History: Gothic: (1100 - 1450)

Beginning in the twelfth century, Gothic painting, sculpture, and architecture quickly became dominant in Europe and remained popular until the Renaissance. The Gothic style originated in Italy and quickly spread throughout Europe, staying dominant for the next 200 years. During the Renaissance, writers criticized it as vulgar and hence named it Gothic art after the Gothic tribes that destroyed the Roman Empire and classicism during the fifth century.

The Gothic Style was dominated by dark oil paintings that represented a shift from the Dark ages into a more prosperous and civilized society. The movement was typified by its increased naturalism. At the same time, Christianity was entering a new predominant phase, which encouraged Gothic artists and architects to apply the style to large cathedrals and churches. Gothic art and architecture consisted primarily of religious works and was characterized by arches, stained glass, and illuminated manuscripts.

In the late 14th century, Gothic art began reflecting Renaissance ideas and became known as the International Gothic style. During this period, Italian and Northern European styles had integrated, resulting in a style that was a combination of both of their ideas, thoughts, and techniques. The International Gothic Style became popular in Frances, Italy, England, Germany, Austria, and Bohemia.

At the end of Gothic artís reign, some artists in the North resisted the Renaissance developments and continued with Gothic style. Thus, the end of the Gothic era overlaps with the Italian and Northern Renaissance periods. There were Gothic revivals in the 18th and 19th centuries.

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