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Art History: Magic Realism: (1920 - 1950)

Magic Realism received its name in the 1925s by German art critic, Franz Roh. Artists working in this style attempt to depict reality in a different way—works possessed a resemblance to reality while also retaining a dream-like or fantastical quality. The style was popular in Europe and the United States from the 1920’s to the 1940’s and retained several practitioners during the 1950’s. Often seen as a combination of Realism and Surrealism, the paintings portrayed representational subjects but often incorporated flat tones, strange perspectives, and unusual arrangements to give the piece an imagined quality.

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Cadmus, Paul - 1904 - 1999
Evergood, Philip - 1901 - 1973
Tooker, George - 1920 -


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