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Art History: Modernism: (1890 - 1940)

Modernism is a term used to describe the style and theory of art from the period beginning in late 19th century and lasting into the mid 20th century. The modernist movement is closely associated with the term modern art, both characterized by a departure from emphasis on literal representation. With invention of photography, the realistic approach to painting and sculpture became unnecessary, thus artists began searching for new ways of visualizing and thinking about the nature, materials and function of art.

Modernism rejects tradition and advocated a return to the basic fundamentals of art. Artists embraced their newfound freedom of expression, experimentation, and radicalism. They believed that art should stem from color and form and not from depiction of the natural world. Paul Cezanne is often considered the "Father of Modernism."

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Angus, Rita - 1908 - 1970
Lawrence, Jacob - 1917 - 2000
Angus, Rita - 1908 - 1970
Lawrence, Jacob - 1917 - 2000


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