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Art History: Neo-Expressionism: (1970 - 1990)

Neo-Expressionism developed in the late 1970s as a reaction against Conceptual art and Minimalism. During the 1980s, it became the dominant style of avant-garde art primarily in the United States, Germany, and Italy. Although the Neo-Expressionists tended to draw their influence from many sources, the late aggressive paintings of Pablo Picasso were a major inspiration. It also is rooted in the German Expressionism and Abstract Expressionism movements of the earlier 20th century. The Neo-Expressionist movement was controversial in its quality and the way it was over-marketed to the art-buying world.

Neo-Expressionist paintings were characterized by a rough, violent approach and the return to more conventional formats such as easel paintings. Quite often, Neo-Expressionist works contained the human figure but also were sometimes abstract. Neo-Expressionist paintings were normally large and created quickly, occasionaly incorporating found objects. Other tenets of the movement included slashing brushstrokes, strong color contrasts, and distorted subject matter. Neo-Expressionist paintings were more concerned with displaying spontaneous emotion rather than traditional conventions.

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